Our Services

  • Onsite Support

    We offer on-site support for hardware and software issues as well as preventive maintenance for hardware and security.

  • Security Solutions

    There is no leeway for network security in this day and age. Security implementation must be done by any company doing any business today. Security means eliminating potential entrances for hackers and implementing lawyers of security for such vulnerabilities.

  • Cloud Services

    We will help you migrate your servers to any one of the major clouds without any down-time: AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean and others. It is recommended to have 2 separate instances in 2 separate clouds in redundancy.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Backup and disaster recovery must be known to a company, practiced, like a fire-drill at school and be well documented with a checklist such as a pilot may use. A proper backup and emergency plan in place can mean the difference between a tragic event or a blip. We can help you implement a company wide strategy.

  • Web DESIGN and system Development

    Our developers are talented and efficient to deliver modern websites coded with the best practices and latest versions of code. Its is one of the Hallmarks of this group in terms of quality and delivery time.

  • Digital Marketing, design and SEO

    We have worked with a Digital Ad agency and they are now a part of our team. They will be your ad agency and help develop and implement growth hacking strategies for markets using Social media and other ad channels. They are pro level in Facebook, Google, Twitter as well as specialized advertising channels. Try a free consultation via Video chat with them, they are all marketing experts that love and know what they do. A great addition to this team that brings a great dimension to an IT company.

  • IT Audits

    An IT audit is important to determine what are the resources. They are not mandatory but in the case we will manage your IT department, this will be needed.

  • IT satff Recruiting

    We are experts in obtaining the needed talent for a specific task and in the case our client wants a permanent person, we also offer to bring potential candidates to our clients.


    App development is a must in many cases, and depending on your business, you may not need a custom app, but if you do, we can create one for your for iOS and Android in a very short time to iTunes store and Google Play store. We are approved developers.

  • 24x7 Monitoring

    There are many ways to monitor a network and its health. We will implement the right one for you and that is testing response times from your websites and networks to make sure there is 7/24 up time.

  • Help Desk implementation

    Ticketing systems or help desk is vital for many companies and we are able to help implement the latest technology in CRM or work with existing one. We have a certified Zoho member of our team.

  • Screen Scraping

    Screen scraping at times may be the last resort for obtaining data if we don't have APIs, and can be done very efficiently now. We have a talented screen scraper for these needs.

  • Bitcoin and blockchain development

    We can help you implement Bitcoin merchant processing so you can accept Bitcoin as payment for goods. Bitcoin is now a worldwide currency and can be important to have. We can also help implement your own AltCoin.

  • Hardware repair

    We have teamed up with a computer repair show as well as field repair techs that can handle repairs fast and efficient to minimize down time. We can even fix your cracked iPhones the same day.

  • Video production

    In our team of contractors we have one that can produce very useful videos for your business and very reasonable rates, yet it's done in a very effective way. Here are some samples. https://vimeo.com/user11810810

  • ecommerce

    We can set up your Shopify, Volusion or BigCommerce site as well as customize and promote your product.


Cloud Migration


On site service


UX/UI Design


Web Development


Php & MySql








Backup and disaster recovery planning


Digital marketing


Javascript & JQuery








Angular Js




We provide custom web design techniques with a unique look and feel. Notice the quality of our web site design. Each web design in our collection is a well-thought production directed at a unique industry. They include hand selected, strategically placed images that set the positive mood of visitors. Our experts can create for you an affordable web design that can bring out the essence of your business and lay an impact on your target audience. Softtrinity is a professional web design company with experts who can generate unique solutions to your web design problems. Our web design firm can do wonders to your business.

PHP in today's world is synonymous with functionality, customizable and interactive web applications. It is also an open source technology, meaning its available free of costs under an open source license. As a server side scripting language, the popularity of PHP applications has risen steadily over the past few years.

PHP supports a lot of databases like Oracle and MySQL, making it an extremely resourceful tool for web application development. The debugging methods are also a lot less complicated and time consuming when it comes to PHP, making it all the more preferable.

We have a team of expert ASP.NET and MVC and C# developers with a proven ability to handle complex .NET programming projects and in-depth knowledge of latest technologies, user interface and methodologies. Many companies right from startup to large enterprise rely on Hidden Brains for critical ASP.NET Software Development projects. We are known for hi-end, top quality and cost effective Dot.Net web applications development services that foster growth of clients’ business.

Codeignitor is the leading open-source web-application framework capable of developing high end dynamic and intuitive websites without any hassle.

It is popular among PHP developers, as it is open source content management system that helps programmers in providing cost-effective PHP solutions.

WordPress Development is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. It is simple to learn and use with a sweet user interface. It serves primarily as a blogging platform with a large community and flexibility but it works best as a delivery medium for always changing material.

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